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  1. Hershel Daniels Junior

    ERASE THE DIGITAL DIVIDE in 21 MILLION HOMES [20 million for ex slaves by 2030]

    Built by a team assembled by Hargrove Engineering, LLC, is a service disabled veteran owned small business [SDVOSB] and minority business enterprise [MBE], that is a:

    professional engineering
    AEC firm
    general contractor
    systems engineering
    health care engineering solutions
    Bio safety laboratory design up to level 4
    architecture services provider
    building engineering services
    turnkey hospital development
    construction management
    technical engineering
    information technology
    business management
    registered plumbing firm

    Hargrove Engineering, LLC has the goal of providing broad-scope technical and management services, integrated systems and systems support to government agencies, industry and community development organizations.

    Hargrove Engineering, LLC (Hargrove) and or its assigns is in agreement with and implementing, with the South Fairmount Community Council, a joint Private Public Partnership [P3] to address combined sewer overflows (CSO’s) and stormwater sewer overflows (SSO’s) worldwide through a electronic network powered by USPTO 5,577,042. Demonstration plans call for $450 million P3.

    hershel daniels junior

    Sunday 8th July 2012 from 6:00pm until 11:00pm.




    The African Union (AU) is a union of 54 African states; the only all-African state not in the AU is Morocco. Established on 9 July 2002, the AU was formed as a successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). The most important decisions of the AU are made by the Assembly of the African Union, a semiannual meeting of the heads of state and government of its member states.

    The AU’s secretariat (the African Union Commission) is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


    1. The African Union first ever African Union Diaspora Summit meet on Africa Day 2012 May 25th in Durban South Africa with delegates drawn from around the world who acknowledged their roots in Africa.

    2. The African Union Diaspora Summit was the first of its kind just a year before the 50th year celebration of the birth of the AU. It was organized by the AU world-wide with the view to harnessing African Diaspora contributions to support bilateral and multilateral trade between a worldwide association of 1.4 billion people with 4 trillion dollars in annual revenue.

    3. In their deliberations in the African Union Diaspora Summit Ceremony were guided by the objectives that have been in place since 2002, namely:

    3.a To create sustainable partnerships between the African Diaspora and the African continent through a realizable programme of action

    3.b To create sustainable dialogue, partnerships and strengthening of Pan African solidarity for a better Africa and its Diaspora, and;

    3.c To promote South-South cooperation for the betterment of the African continent and its Diaspora

    Aware of the rich and diverse human and institutional resources at the grassroots level, the new African Union, then, would be devoted to building strong partnerships between the governments and all segments of the society.

    The impulse is not for the African Union to organize civil society. Rather the organizing principle of the ECOSOCC of the African Union is one in which civil society would organize themselves to work with the Organization.

    On May 25th 2012 further action was taken on creating a global African Union Diaspora Civil Society Alliance with delegates from around the world having voting privileges in The African Union’s Civil society organization Economic, Social and Cultural Council [ECOSOCC]. The United States having 4 votes in it.


    Friends of the African Union (FAU) is a social, economic, humanitarian, charitable, educational and new media civil-society ruling body founded to work for the benefit of the African Union, the African diaspora and its host countries.

    FAU will work with the allied peoples of the African American diaspora, non-governmental organizations and governments of the world who support the African Union and the people of the African diaspora.


    FAU founding at 1415 UTC on Jan. 16, 2012 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) at the World Peace Bell with members of Occupy Cincinnati

    The FAU is mandated to:

    Promote dialogue between all segments of the African people on issues concerning the continent and its future

    Forge partnerships between governments and all segments of civil society (especially women, youth, children of the diaspora, organized labor, the private sector and professional groups

    Promote the participation of Africa’s (and the Diaspora’s) civil society in the implementation of the policies and programmes of the AU and the FAU

    Support policies and programmes promoting peace, security and stability, and foster continental development and integration with the African diaspora

    Promote and defend a culture of good governance, democratic principles and institutions, popular participation, human rights and social justice

    Promote, advocate and defend a culture of gender equality

    Promote and strengthen the institutional, human and operational capacities of African civil society

    Create a new economic framework between the people of the African Union and those of the African diaspora


    As an advisory group, the FAU’s functions are to:

    Contribute (through advice) to the effective translation of the objectives, principles and policies of the AU into concrete programmes and to evaluate of these programmes

    Undertake studies recommended (or deemed necessary) by organs of the AU or the FAU and submit recommendations accordingly

    Carry out other studies deemed necessary and submit recommendations as appropriate

    Contribute to the popularization, participation, sharing of best practices and expertise and realization of the vision and objectives of the AU

    Contribute to the promotion of human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the rule of law, good governance, democratic principles, gender equality and children’s rights

    Promote and support efforts of institutions engaged in review of the future of Africa and forge Pan-African values to enhance an African society and way of life based on the International Standards Organization 26000 model

    Foster and consolidate partnership between the AU (through the FAU) and allied NGOs through public education, mobilization and feedback on the activities of the AU and the needs of the African diaspora

    Assume other functions as referred to it by the AU

    In accordance with activities carried out between African Americans and Africans at the US State Departments US Africa Business Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 21,22 2012, we the Founders of the Friends of the African Union on July 8th 2012 will organize a in person and digital conference organized under the theme: “A Sustainable 100 Year Civil Society Plan for the Realization of a United and Integrated Africa, its Diaspora and allied nations”.


    1 Establishment of Friends of African Union [MLK Day Jan 2012]
    2 Black History [Wiki est. Feb 2012]
    3 National Community Reinvestment Council [Est March]
    4 USA Bureau of friends African Union Est [ UMC Tampa 2012]
    5. NCRC FAU Housing Planing Team established [10M Homes]
    6. FAU HQ Plan [April 2012]
    7. FAU STEM+7 [May 25th 2012 Africa Day]
    8. FAU EDcorp [June 19th 2012]
    9, FAU FAME
    10. FAU Voting Facilitation [July 4th 2012]
    11. FAU Chapters
    12. FAU Lodge
    13. FAU National [July 9th 2012]
    14. FAU Services [July 10th 2012]
    15, FAU Inter-organizational Relations Directorate
    16. FAU State
    17. FAU Commerce
    18. FAU Credit Union [UMC based through small group ministries with membership in west Ohio UMC Credit Union]
    19. FAU Medical + Environmental
    20. FAU Rescue
    21. FAU To create sustainable partnerships between the African Diaspora and the African continent through a realizable programme of action
    22. FAU to create sustainable dialogue, partnerships and strengthening of Pan African solidarity for a better Africa and
    its Diaspora
    23. FAU to promote African American – G77 [south] cooperation for the betterment of the African continent and its Diaspora in the United States of America as a 2012 agenda item by forming a working group to be called G100.
    24. FAU Proposal for Training Fleet and 2020 TOE
    25. New Agenda Item is that FAU co-found a program called WE THE PEOPLE with members of the United Methodist Church and other allies.

    WE THE PEOPLE is a new organization in formation that petitioned the Obama administration to:


    That said petition read:

    WE THE PEOPLE started operations against Slavery this June 19th 2012.

    WE THE PEOPLE ask you Mr. President to direct your administration to support the creation of a inter-agency working group to end all slavery in this country and worldwide.

    WE THE PEOPLE asks that your administration hold high level talks that lead to a Summit to set the framework for ending slavery.

    WE THE PEOPLE ask at the UN General Assembly 67th session that you, Mr. President, make this the main cause in your speech to the world.

    WE THE PEOPLE will sing in Cincinnati’s World Choir Games to stop Slavery starting today July 4th thru July 15th 2012.

    WE THE PEOPLE ask that you march with us in 2013 at the first Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March against Slavery from the World Peace Bell to the Freedom Center [NURFC].


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